Distribution: Worldwide Music Distribution in a Snap

Whether you’re a label or a musician, Soundscape places your music on major music platforms across the globe in a few simple clicks. While keeping your copyrights and taking advantage of competitive revenue shares, we provide transparent reports with no hidden fees, along with comprehensive content management systems and dashboard analysis.

Keep Your Copyrights

Keep 100% of your Copyrights and decide where you want your music to be distributed. Your music, your control!

Distribution to Major Music Platforms Worldwide

Direct distribution to Taiwan, China and major music platforms across the globe after you submit your music - let Soundscape take care of the nitty gritty stuff.

Free ISRC and UPC code

Music platforms requires ISRC and UPC codes for your music to be heard, but we got you covered.

No Hidden Fees

We won’t share in your revenue before your music profits. No hidden fees attached.

Global Distribution

+ and more…

Dashboard: Data is Power


Stats Delivered On-Time

Why wait for a report from three months ago? Soundscape’s dashboard updates daily performance data as they come, so you can evaluate your marketing efforts and react on the spot.

Revenue Analysis

Soundscape provides interactive run charts and leaderboards that allow you to analyze user behavior and customize your marketing strategy.

Annual Playcount


Ledger: Transparent Reports and Secure Payments powered by Blockchain


Transparent Reports

Accounting transparency is one of the foundations of Soundscape. Our report provides a comprehensive view of your music’s performance and profits across all platforms.

Secure and Convenient Blockchain-powered Payments

Soundscape partnered with CTBC Bank and Bitmark Blockchain to pioneer the first blockchain based revenue distribution system in Taiwan, simplifying and securing the payment process.
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