Top FAQs

Everyone can sign up and use distribution service for free. We only charge a certain percentage of your revenue after you have earnings.
Step 1: Register
Step 2: Follow instructions and complete online contracts, and wait for a few working days for us to review.
Step 3: Start upload your tracks and edit metadata. Submit for review once you complete.
Step 4: You will receive the result within a few working days, If your submittion is rejected, please revise your metadata based on our instruction and resend.
Step 5: Wait for a few working days and you will see your new release on the platform!

Every platform has different lead time, we strongly recommend you to submit to us 14 days BEFORE your scheduled release date.

As soon as your earnings reaches NT$1,000, you can withdraw anytime!
Just request payment in Soundscape system, confirm if the sales report amount is correct, and send the relevant receipt document to us following system instructions. We will transfer money into your bank account within 2 to 3 weeks.

Spotify: You can apply for Spotify for Artist access and change by yourself.
Apple: You can apply for Apple Music for Artist access and change by yourself.
For the other platforms, please go to the ""Contact Us"" below and submit your request.
Kindly note the lead time differs from each platform.

Contact Us

* If you already registered, please use the same email as your account.
* Spotify, Apple, Youtube: You can change profile pic by yourself.
Line Music TW
* Upload Screenshot

* must be 2400x2400